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Monday, June 10, 2019   /   by Brian Ness

Living Together with a Style That Brings You Closer

This is one of the biggest moments of your life. It may not seem that way if you’ve been seeing your significant other for years, but living together is much more involved. You’ll soon be sharing the same spaces, including the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Not surprisingly, some couples never make it through this stage of their relationship for many reasons. Even if you’ve been together for years, and have lived in the same home for most of your relationship, your tastes can change with age. The following tips can help you keep the harmony whether you’re newly married, testing the waters, or veterans of your relationship.
Brainstorm, communicate, and compromise to create an interior that you both love, and you’re off to an excellent start to this new romantic adventure. Here’s how to go about it.
Declutter Jointly
There’s no way you can fit everything into that limited space, so some things will obviously ...

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019   /   by Brian Ness

Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

When the weather is warm, it is important that luxury homeowners have a backyard suitable for entertaining — whether it is to host an intimate family gathering or a large celebration with friends.
With spring in full force, it’s time to say hello to outdoor picnics, long days spent in the pool, and family barbecues. In order to refresh your backyard in time for spring, we explore a few quick tips that will help your space to feel both luxurious, yet livable.


Whether it is a complete outdoor living room and a full-service kitchen, or a small table with chairs and an arrangement of delicate metal benches, ample outdoor seating is a must-have. 

Featuring a three-seater sofa and two armchairs, the Colwell Sofa Set creates a lightweight aesthetic whilst also offering comfort. The set will look striking beside a pool, on a decking area or patio to sit and relax during the warmer months. 


String lights and lanterns help to c ...

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019   /   by Brian Ness

What You Need to Know About DIY and Professional Home Repairs

What You Need to Know About DIY and Professional Home Repairs

Whether you just bought a new home or are looking for ways to save on repairs that have been on your to-do list for years, DIY home repairs can seem like perfect budget solutions. Doing your own maintenance and repairs can potentially lead to savings, but you also need to know which projects are best left to professional contractors. To help you avoid serious mishaps, here are some tips to know about common home repairs.

They Take Some Budgeting

Whether you hire pros or DIY, it’s important to make sure you have the funds to pay for your repairs. You know the cost of major renovations done by specialists can set you back a pretty penny, but many homeowners don’t properly plan for DIY jobs. Remember, even small home projects that you take on yourself have the habit of going awry, so always be sure to make a solid plan for how you’ll pay for everything. If you don’t have the cash set a ...

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019   /   by Brian Ness

Rochester Real Estate Talk Show: 4/6/19

??? Rochester Real Estate Talk Show ???Saturday’s from 8:30-9am on KROC-AM 1340??? 4/6/19Robin introduces herself & the Gwaltney Group & talks about the current Rochester housing market, different financing options, what it means for a Realtor to represent you, & more.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019   /   by Brian Ness

Which Home Repairs You Should Avoid Doing DIY — and Why

Which Home Repairs You Should Avoid Doing DIY — and Why

With all the DIY shows on tv these days, people are taking on more home repair projects than ever. While that can sometimes save you a bundle, there are other times it can lead to bigger problems and added expense. Here is important information on common jobs better left to the pros.

Bathroom remodeling
While bathrooms typically are not big rooms, the skill and knowledge involved with a proper bathroom remodel is huge. Sure, most people can replace a toilet themselves with some decent step-by-step instructions, but as This Old House points out, the plumbing alone for a full remodel requires specialized expertise. There is building code and residential design concepts involved, and on top of that, the workers need to be able to accomplish their tasks in a finished house without causing damage. To hire professionals for a bathroom remodel in Rochester, MN, expect to pay between $4,875 and $8,466.

Water heat ...

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