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No matter how much you love that new house, you can count on it taking some time before everyone feels at home. Leaving a home of many years means establishing new routines, finding your favorite relaxation spot, figuring out the best place to watch television, and getting everyone settled in and comfortable. Setting up a cozy living environment one step at a time is a good first step in the right direction. Remember, there’s more to it than putting your clothes in the right drawers and finding your favorite pillow. There are many small touches and basic maintenance tips that can help set everyone at ease and feeling like the house that the whole family’s been so excited about is really, finally theirs.

Break it down


A lot of planning and hard work goes into a move. Everyone’s tired afterward. The last thing you feel like doing is breaking down boxes and organizing belongings once it’s over.Unpacking is a major accomplishment. It’s that initial act of getting settled that sets the stage for everything else and leaves everybody with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Make a commitment to get everything unpacked over a weekend, or by a specific date. Otherwise, the temptation to procrastinate may become irresistible. The last thing everyone needs after relocating is to feel overwhelmed by a bunch of dusty boxes and unopened suitcases days after the last load’s been carried off the moving van.

A good cleaning


All that moving and arranging furniture that’s been on a moving truck can undo much of the cleaning that the previous owners probably had done before they left. Consider hiring a maid service or a professional carpet cleaning company to get you off on a good, clean foot in your new home. Light some scented candles to establish a pleasant odor and get rid of any unwanted scents left over from the previous owners. If the smell of stale cat urine or  cigarette smoke just won’t go away, consider laying out bowls of vinegar to absorb unpleasant smells, or use baking soda to clean in dingy, musty parts of the house.


Resume your routine


One of the best ways to settle into a new house is to maintain your weekly routine. Pick up where you left off with a family movie or game night in the den, or enjoy a big bowl of popcorn together in your new kitchen while everyone gets caught up. Work on the lawn together or wash cars on Saturday morning. Make sure to spend some time in the kids’ rooms, finding out what they need to get settled in once and for all. 

Decorative touches


Have everyone determine where their favorite decorations will go. Hang the family portrait over the mantel or fireplace, place a fresh wreath on the front door, and set out all the knickknacks the kids have made at camp or in school over the years. You might be surprised at how quickly adding some decor will give a new space your family’s personality. If you have small children, encourage them to arrange their favorite stuffed animals and toys however they’d like.

Fresh air


Make sure your new indoor environment feels and smells clean. Learn more about electrostatic air filters which can remove pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, dust particles, auto emissions, and bacteria. You can also get an electrostatic filter that’s been sprayed with activated carbon, which will eliminate odors.


Turning a new house into a home should be a fun family experience, something everyone can pitch in on. You don’t have to do everything at once; concentrate on getting one room at a time just how you like it. You’ll feel right at home before you know it.



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